Silver Dust: A Short Story from The Faerie Summer Bundle


Memory. Curses. Shadows.

Silver had it all—eternal life, long-term memory, and a real sweet princess gig as the heir to the Faery King’s throne. But then the Faery realm caught a terrible disease, and she tried to save her people by taking the sickness into herself. She ended up banished with a price on her head and only days to live. The cure cost her memory and left her in hiding, a stranger to herself.

When her one friend in all the worlds disappears while trying to help her find a way home, Silver must come out of the shadows to save him. She must face the danger and the unknown lurking in the Human and Faery realms—and in her own strange heart and soul.

A deadly curse and its terrible cure. A faery princess with a price on her head. A chance to save her world. Silver Dust is a standalone story in The Faery Chronicles series and a companion to its prequel, Phoenix.

Enter the treacherous world of Silver Dust, and the magic of The Faery Chronicles. Discover more at



Leslie Claire Walker grew up among the lush bayous of southeast Texas. She lives in the spectacularly green Pacific Northwest with cats, harps, and too many fantasy novels to count. She takes her inspiration from the dark beauty of the city, the power of myth, and music ranging from Celtic harp to heavy metal. Her short fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. Leslie is the author of The Faery Chronicles series, including the young adult urban fantasy novels Hunt, Demon, and Faery. The first book in her Soul Forge urban fantasy series, Night Awakens, debuted in 2016.



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Business for Breakfast, Volume 3: Ultimate Guide to Indie Publishing


So. You’re a writer.

Do you know the bones of what makes a good story? It’s not the same thing as being a writer, not at all.

How do you learn to tell a good story? There’s trial and error, sure.

But there are also books like this, to help you along, making it easier to learn, to remember.

Some of the topic discussed include:

  • The Seven Point Plot Structure
  • Genre as a thing
  • Story length as a professional requirement
  • Breakfast dragons

Also read the other volumes in the Business for Breakfast series: “The Beginning Professional Writer,” “The Beginning Professional Publisher,” and the sequel to this volume, “The Intermediate Professional Storyteller”.


Blaze Ward writes science fiction in the Alexandria Station universe: The Jessica Keller Chronicles, The Science Officer series, The Doyle Iwakuma Stories, and others. He also writes about The Collective as well as The Fairchild Stories and Modern Gods superhero myths. You can find out more at his website, as well as Facebook, Goodreads, and other places.

Blaze’s works are available as ebooks, paper, and audio, and can be found at a variety of online vendors (Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and others). His newsletter comes out quarterly, and you can also follow his blog on his website. He really enjoys interacting with fans, and looks forward to any and all questions-even ones about his books!


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Fire In Their Hearts from ‘The Captivated Bundle’


Vancouver. 1886. Within 24 hours a deadly fire will sweep the town.

When mysterious gambler, Tyler Scott saves Victoria Ann McNichol’s life together they find themselves thrust into a world of the unknown, a world of love, passion, and intrigue neither expected.

The two lovers worlds collide when the frontier explodes in violence, betrayal, and murder forcing Victoria and Tyler to join forces against incredible odds.

They will either survive to their happy ending, or die trying.

A new romance by Russ Crossley, author of Zomopolis, Antique Virgin and My Zombie Prince, and Rita Schulz author of Ladies of the Jolly Roger.



Rita lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia with, Russ, her husband, who is also a fiction writer.

She has written for years and is an alumnus of the Oregon Writers Network, and the Greater Vancouver Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

Her most recently published stories include Ladies of the Jolly Roger from 53rd Street Publishing.

Please visit her website at to view her other works.



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The Sufferance of Shark Gods: A Novella in The Spells Gone Awry Bundle


Matthew Panagopoulos is a loner, a Greek-American, a long-suffering fan of the Cleveland Browns, and a lieutenant in the United States Navy. He’s also one other thing.

A wizard.

The wizard thing isn’t his choice—he wants nothing to do with magic or the occult, but what he wants doesn’t matter. He was born with a gift—and there’s a strict no-return policy.

Matt’s the operations officer on a warship racing toward the Sea of Japan to avert an international crisis. It’s a new ship with an old name. An unlucky name.


In the closing days of WWII, another Indianapolis was sent to the bottom of the sea by a Japanese torpedo. The survivors of the submarine attack floated in the sea for days. During that hellish stretch of time, nearly six hundred men died of exposure, dehydration, and something else.

Shark attacks.

The new Indianapolis has the same bad luck. She, too, is destined to sink—unless a young wizard can overcome a wisecracking demon, a jealous Greek god, the worst storm to ever hit the North Pacific, and the echoes of a terrible childhood trauma to win

The Sufferance of Shark Gods


Steven Mohan, Jr. has sold or published ten novels and nearly a hundred short stories. His fiction has appeared in Interzone, Polyphony, On Spec, and several original DAW and Fiction River anthologies. His novel Winter Dragon (written as by Henry Martin) spent a year on the Amazon technothriller bestseller list. His stories have won honorable mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and he is a former Pushcart Prize nominee.


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FLOWER FAIRIES: A Short Story in The Faerie Summer Bundle

Funeral directors deal with everything at a funeral, but only a few must handle an influx of flower fairies. Or worse: the arrival of a flower fairy child, alone and unsupervised.

Flower fairies are unpredictable…except when they get angry. And then they become terrifying.

So, what will they do if they think one of their children faces danger?



“[Flower Fairies] is a sensitive, beautiful and heartwarming tale of honoring the dead.”

The Internet Review of Science Fiction



New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes in almost every genre. Generally, she uses her real name (Rusch) for most of her writing. Under that name, she publishes bestselling science fiction and fantasy, award-winning mysteries, acclaimed mainstream fiction, controversial nonfiction, and the occasional romance. Her novels have made bestseller lists around the world and her short fiction has appeared in eighteen best of the year collections. She has won more than twenty-five awards for her fiction, including the Hugo, Le Prix Imaginales, the Asimov’s Readers Choice award, and the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Choice Award.

To keep up with everything she does, go to and sign up for her newsletter. To track her many pen names and series, see their individual websites (,,,, She lives and occasionally sleeps in Oregon.


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Ultimate Guides to Indie Publishing: Create Your Book From Start to Finish

Now you can write your story and be a published author. I painstakingly learned on my own how to do this and have published more than a dozen books already. You will speed right through the process with my guidance and success tips and get your own books online faster than you ever thought possible. Read my fast-track method to writing and publishing and fulfill your dreams today.


Mary Blowers was told in school that she had a gift for writing essays and was even compared to Emerson. Now a multi genre author with more than a dozen books to her credit, she continues to write on many topics.

In addition to her self-published books, her essay is included in “Best Life Stories” from Readers’ Digest, and she is a contributor to magazines and blogs.

She lives in the Midwest in a 1940s home with her husband, a dog and two cats. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading, gardening, and walking for fitness. She is a long-time student of natural health methods and a certified Master Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Weight Management Coach.


You can find this and other great guides in The Ultimate Guides to Independent Publishing Bundle at BundleRabbit Also find out more about Mary Blowers on social media.  She can be found on the web at on Facebook at and Twitter


Business for Breakfast, Volume 1 (Non-fiction)

Until now, as a writer, all you’ve focused on is the Craft of writing.

However, your writing is not the same thing as your business.

This book gives you a combination of career and writer/life advice to help you take that next step, and go from being merely a writer to being a professional, from someone who has had to learn all this the hard way.

Some of the topics discussed include:

DBAs, Intellectual property, Money, Communication, Self-confidence 101, and the physicality of writing.

What’s stopping you from writing?



Leah Cutter writes page-turning fiction in exotic locations, such as a magical New Orleans, the ancient Orient, Hungary, the Oregon coast, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, and many others.

She writes literary, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror fiction. Her short fiction has been published in magazines like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Talebones, anthologies like Fiction River, and on the web. Her long fiction has been published both by New York publishers as well as small presses.

Read more books by Leah Cutter at and

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Winter Mysteries Bundle: The Novelist

He left his family just after Christmas. Now author Lee Houston must spend the winter battling his addictions, his regrets, and one giant case of writer’s block. All alone. Except for the ghosts sharing his house who want him dead.


Award-winning author and sometime banker Will Overby has spent thirty years in the boardrooms and glass offices of retail banking. Between dodging mergers and drafting policies he publishes novels.

He lives along the Ohio River in western Kentucky where mysteries still abound and the tradition of storytelling is as strong as ever.

A graduate of Indiana University, Will is an avid Hoosiers football fan.

Connect with him on his website, on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter (@will_overby), and also at

Good Scrying Gone Bad: A Short Story

cover-5The First Rule of Witchcraft: Harm none.

The Second Rule of Witchcraft: Practice magic only when you’re clear of mind.

That includes not practicing magic while drunk.

When drunken scrying goes awry, Madison connects with Brody, a cute guy trapped…somewhere. Freeing him becomes her obsession.

Does the Second Rule of Witchcraft count when it comes to love?

“Good Scrying Gone Bad” is part of Uncollected Anthology, Issue 11: Bewitching Love.  Find it at .


Called “one of the best writers working today” by bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith, Dayle A. Dermatis is the author or coauthor of seven novels and more than a hundred short stories in multiple genres, including the first seven Uncollected Anthology anthologies and the forthcoming urban fantasy novel _Ghosted_. She is a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology project. A recent transplant to the wild greenscapes of the Pacific Northwest, in her spare time she follows Styx around the country and travels the world, which inspires her writing. To find out where she is today and to sign up for her newsletter (and get free fiction!), check out  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Finders, Inc. Series Book 1

cover-4Sometimes those who can’t be found just might not be lost…

As the co-founders of Finders, Inc., Hank Johnson and Bim Mayer have spent the past two decades successfully solving mysteries and — almost miraculously, thanks to Bim’s special skills — finding missing people in and around the remote mountain town of Boone, North Carolina.

Until now.

Their most recent case deals with an outbreak of missing elderly people, all of whom used to teach at nearby Appalachian State University. With the help of their Finders, Inc. teammates, they soon learn that the absent old folks all have something else in common. They’re all connected to a shady character with deep, dark ties to both Bim and Hank.

The events of those chaotic three days in late winter will test the friendship of the two men as they—and all the other members of the “Finder Team”—risk their lives to solve this mystery and find a group of people who just might not want to be found.

The first book in an all-new mystery series with hints of the paranormal!  This book can be found in The Winter Mysteries Bundle at


Michael Jasper is fascinated with exploring the places where the normal meets the strange.

In pursuit of this fascination, he has published over a dozen novels, a story collection, and six dozen short stories, along with a digital comic with artist Niki Smith.

In the past he’s tried bartending, teaching junior high, painting houses, being a secret shopper, working construction, and many more jobs; he prefers fiction writing. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his family.

You can find out more about Michael Jasper at , on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.