Christmas Whispers: A Short Story of Whisper


Christmas Whispers Short Story

Time passes slowly when you’re an earth spirit and no one lives on the land. It’s Christmas in Whisper and Anna Barringer wants a doll. The settlement is new and no one can be spared to go to the city and shop with what little coin they have.

They aren’t even going to have a tree because the house is too small. Anna gathers berries and pinecones and with the help of the earth spirit that resides on Whisper decorates her own, outside.

The earth spirit has her own ideas about gifts and humans as she struggles to find a way to make the little girl happy.

Christmas Whispers is a short story of Whisper, although it takes place long before the series begins.

Author Spotlight:  Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth, author of the ‘Whisper’ series, is the third author in the Bundlerabbit author spotlight.  She is an accomplished writer who began writing at the rather impressive age of eight and led an interesting life.

On her way to being an author, Bonnie worked various jobs such as vet assistant, library assistant, cemetery administrator and acupuncturist.  She has written books on acupuncture and blogs for her cat Chey.  She now primarily writes fantasy and urban fantasy with her ‘Whisper’ series and short stories.

You can find this story at in the Very Merry Christmas Bundle and learn more about Bonnie Elizabeth at

Worth: A Christmas Short Story

worth-cover-thumbA looming job loss sends Dee into cost-cutting mode during the Christmas holidays while her husband is seemingly taking the opposite approach. Can they agree to the worth of holiday traditions during this stressful time?

In this holiday short story, for the Very Merry Christmas Bundle, available now at, Irette Y. Patterson continues the theme of happy, hopeful stories about families, a subject she writes most about.  Her work appeared in Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds and Fiction River:  Fantasy Adrift short story anthologies.  She also published on the Saturday Evening Post website.  A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she can be found at


North Pole Panic (A Christmas Story)


On Christmas Eve, after Santa departs for his rounds, Christmas Elf Giljagaur tidies his workspace, dreaming of relaxation, until fellow Elf Kertasnikir bursts in with the worst of news: Santa forgot one present!

Now Gil and Kurt must find a way to return the present to Santa for delivery, or Christmas will be ruined!

So begins, author Rebecca Senese’s thrilling Christmas tale from the new ‘Very Merry Christmas Bundle’ available at  Rebecca Senese writes horror, sci-fi, mystery/crime author from Toronto, Canada, who has many Aurora Awards nominations and received an Honorable Mention in ‘The Years Best Fiction’.  Her work has appeared in several publications including multiple Fiction River editions, Deadbolt Magazine, The Vampires Crypt, Storyteller, Reflections Edge and many others.