The Sufferance of Shark Gods: A Novella in The Spells Gone Awry Bundle


Matthew Panagopoulos is a loner, a Greek-American, a long-suffering fan of the Cleveland Browns, and a lieutenant in the United States Navy. He’s also one other thing.

A wizard.

The wizard thing isn’t his choice—he wants nothing to do with magic or the occult, but what he wants doesn’t matter. He was born with a gift—and there’s a strict no-return policy.

Matt’s the operations officer on a warship racing toward the Sea of Japan to avert an international crisis. It’s a new ship with an old name. An unlucky name.


In the closing days of WWII, another Indianapolis was sent to the bottom of the sea by a Japanese torpedo. The survivors of the submarine attack floated in the sea for days. During that hellish stretch of time, nearly six hundred men died of exposure, dehydration, and something else.

Shark attacks.

The new Indianapolis has the same bad luck. She, too, is destined to sink—unless a young wizard can overcome a wisecracking demon, a jealous Greek god, the worst storm to ever hit the North Pacific, and the echoes of a terrible childhood trauma to win

The Sufferance of Shark Gods


Steven Mohan, Jr. has sold or published ten novels and nearly a hundred short stories. His fiction has appeared in Interzone, Polyphony, On Spec, and several original DAW and Fiction River anthologies. His novel Winter Dragon (written as by Henry Martin) spent a year on the Amazon technothriller bestseller list. His stories have won honorable mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and he is a former Pushcart Prize nominee.


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