A Winston and Ruby Story: The Fabulous Familiars

un-familiar-cover-thumbWinston’s familiar Ruby, a small black cat, avoids dogs whenever possible. So when Winston finds her in cahoots with a toy poodle-Chihuahua mix, he wants to know why.

Ruby, usually so vocal, says nothing. Her silence, that dog, and a storm in the Oregon Coast community of Seavy Village all combine into one of the most memorable days of Winston’s life.


Our next author is New York Times bestseller, Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Ms. Rusch  is a multi-faceted author who writes in nearly every genre.  She usually writes under her real name (Rusch) and has published best-selling, award-winning works in science fiction, fantasy and mystery.  RT Book Reviews describes her as ‘a great storyteller’ and she has twenty-five plus awards for her fiction to prove it, including such awards as, Hugo, Asimov’s Readers Choice and Ellery Queen Readers Choice.

Kristine  writes bestselling mystery novels as Kris Nelscott, for which she has won several awards.  She has also authored romance under the nom de plumes of Kristine Grayson and Kristine Dexter and sci-fi under the name Kris DeLake.

Besides being a very busy writer, Ms. Rusch is also an editor.  She started her publishing career at Pulphouse, then moved on to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction before taking fifteen years off.  She is back to editing the anthology series Fiction River with her husband, author Dean Wesley Smith.

You can find this very busy author at http://www.kriswrites.com, plus her many aliases at http:/www./krisnelscott.com,  http://www.kristinegrayson.comhttp://www.retrievalartist.com and http://www.divingintothewreck.com.