Hedging the Witch: A New BundleRabbit Bundle Story

hedging-witch-cover-thumb  A ‘bewitching’ story.

An honest politician: far more rare than hedgewitches, at least in Portland, Oregon.

When one such politician asks hedgewitches Holly and Willow to investigate whether his rival employs a magical advantage, Holly’s familiar, Cam, must support Holly through a treacherous investigation…or risk losing her forever.

The first story in a spellbinding new urban fantasy series by the author of the Nikki Ashburne Ghosted stories.

“Hedging the Witch” is part of Uncollected Anthology, Issue 10: Fabulous Familiars.

Meet Author Dayle A. Dermatis.

Dayle is an accomplished writer, authoring or co-authoring seven novels and a multitude of short stories in a myriad of genres.  She has contributed works to many anthologies and is a founder of the Uncollected Anthology project.

Dayle Dermatis writes under a variety of pseudonyms, including the sexier, spicier Andrea Dale stories.

When she’s not writing about witches or witchcraft, Dayle is an avid Styx fan and follows them around the country on their tours.  She is also a Pacific Northwest transplant who is adjusting to her new home quite well!

You can learn more about Dayle and her various pseudonyms at http://www.dayledermatis.com.