Fabulous Familiars Story: ‘In the Matter of Snake vs. Stone’


matter-snake-vs-stone-cover-thumbCourtroom Thriller With a Supernatural Kick

Something wicked walks in Buffalo…

Rikki Pollard, a divorce lawyer for the down and out in gritty Buffalo, NY, makes a living out of rendering asunder what the Lord had brought together. Despite her unholy trade, Rikki never expected to encounter Old Scratch himself in open court.

But now she has to rescue her young client, Chance Stone, from a fate worse than death. It’s Rikki vs. damnation in a courtroom custody case like no other. To save Chance, she will have to outwit the devil himself, with only a little voodoo-related backup. A supernatural courtroom adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Meet Author Michele Lang

Michelle Lang writes a variety of genres including, fantasy, crime, sci-fi, romance and even non-fiction.  DAW, PM Press and WMG Press published her short fiction and Tor Books published Michele’s Lady Lazarus World War II historical fantasy series.  Ms. Lang refers to herself as a ‘recovering lawyer’ who has practiced law in both New York and Connecticut.  She lives on the North Shore of Long Island in a small town with her husband, sons, and as she says “a rotating menagerie” of cats, hermit crabs and butterflies.

You can find more information on Michele and her new releases, announcements, updates and much, much more at her website http://www.michelelang.com.


Winging It: A Fabulous Familiars Anthology Story


winging-it-cover-thumbFamiliars, Witches and Warlocks

Eed graduates from an insect familiar to a raven familiar, but his first pairing with a pushy warlock ends in disaster. Eed barely escapes before the warlock enslaves him, breaking the rule of cooperation between witch and familiar.

But when Eed tries to return to the raven clan, he finds himself blacklisted. Facing enslavement to the warlock or getting busted back to insect, Eed turns rogue.

How can Eed clear his name before the raven clan catches up?

Author Spotlight:  Rebecca M. Senese

Canadian author Rebecca M. Senese is a writer of many genres including horror, science fiction and mystery/crime.  If you like vampires, she’s got ’em in her ‘In Between Series’.  ‘The Beyond Saga’ series is for the sci-fi lover and if you’ve got a ‘Walking Dead’ obsession, check out ‘Zombie A Go-Go’ or ‘The Beginners Guide to the Recently Deceased’.  Rebecca even has Christmas horror to liven up your holidays!

Ms. Senese has had several writing honors including nominations for numerous Aurora Awards and an Honorable Mention in ‘The Year’s Best Science Fiction’.  She has work that has appeared in multiple ‘Fiction River’ anthologies, Ride the Moon, TransVersions, Deadbolt Magazine, On Spec, The Vampire’s Crypt, Storyteller, Reflection’s Edge, Future Syndicate, Into the Darkness and many other publications.  You can learn more about Rebecca M. Senese’s writing on her web site http://www.rebeccasenese.com.

Hedging the Witch: A New BundleRabbit Bundle Story

hedging-witch-cover-thumb  A ‘bewitching’ story.

An honest politician: far more rare than hedgewitches, at least in Portland, Oregon.

When one such politician asks hedgewitches Holly and Willow to investigate whether his rival employs a magical advantage, Holly’s familiar, Cam, must support Holly through a treacherous investigation…or risk losing her forever.

The first story in a spellbinding new urban fantasy series by the author of the Nikki Ashburne Ghosted stories.

“Hedging the Witch” is part of Uncollected Anthology, Issue 10: Fabulous Familiars.

Meet Author Dayle A. Dermatis.

Dayle is an accomplished writer, authoring or co-authoring seven novels and a multitude of short stories in a myriad of genres.  She has contributed works to many anthologies and is a founder of the Uncollected Anthology project.

Dayle Dermatis writes under a variety of pseudonyms, including the sexier, spicier Andrea Dale stories.

When she’s not writing about witches or witchcraft, Dayle is an avid Styx fan and follows them around the country on their tours.  She is also a Pacific Northwest transplant who is adjusting to her new home quite well!

You can learn more about Dayle and her various pseudonyms at http://www.dayledermatis.com.


Lump: A Christmas Tale


lump-cover-thumbA Christmas Tale About a Very Bad Boy

Meet a kid so bad, he gets a lump of coal every Christmas…and likes it! Neighborhood bully Buzz Scanlan takes pride in his annual lump, which he sees as a black badge of badness. But this Christmas, when the coal doesn’t come, the ten-year-old holy terror becomes a bad boy on a mission. He roams from one victim of his wicked mischief to the next, digging for dirt on the one nice thing he must have done to deserve no coal for Christmas. When everyone agrees he’s been nothing but naughty, he nearly gives up the hunt…until he stumbles onto the shocking truth behind his lumps of coal, an incredible secret that just might change his life forever. Will Buzz get his lump after all, sealing his fate as the ultimate bully? Or will solving the mystery lead to a fate worse than death for the naughtiest boy, an unexpected good deed that breaks his not-nice record? After this Christmas, nothing will be the same for the kid who loves lumps of coal. Don’t miss this fun and funny Christmas tale with a twist from award-winning author Robert Jeschonek, author of My Favorite Band Does Not Exist, chosen by Booklist as one of the Top Ten First Novels for Youth.

Meet Our Fourth Author in Our Author Spotlight:  Robert Jeschonek

Robert is a diverse writer who has written comics such as Justice Society and Batman and also Doctor Who and Star Trek stories.  However his favorite thing to write seems to be bathroom humor with stories about characters named Buzz Scanlan and Tommy Puke.  You can find more about Robert Jeschonek and his other work at http://www.thefictioneer.com