Winter Mysteries Bundle: The Novelist

He left his family just after Christmas. Now author Lee Houston must spend the winter battling his addictions, his regrets, and one giant case of writer’s block. All alone. Except for the ghosts sharing his house who want him dead.


Award-winning author and sometime banker Will Overby has spent thirty years in the boardrooms and glass offices of retail banking. Between dodging mergers and drafting policies he publishes novels.

He lives along the Ohio River in western Kentucky where mysteries still abound and the tradition of storytelling is as strong as ever.

A graduate of Indiana University, Will is an avid Hoosiers football fan.

Connect with him on his website, on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter (@will_overby), and also at

Good Scrying Gone Bad: A Short Story

cover-5The First Rule of Witchcraft: Harm none.

The Second Rule of Witchcraft: Practice magic only when you’re clear of mind.

That includes not practicing magic while drunk.

When drunken scrying goes awry, Madison connects with Brody, a cute guy trapped…somewhere. Freeing him becomes her obsession.

Does the Second Rule of Witchcraft count when it comes to love?

“Good Scrying Gone Bad” is part of Uncollected Anthology, Issue 11: Bewitching Love.  Find it at .


Called “one of the best writers working today” by bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith, Dayle A. Dermatis is the author or coauthor of seven novels and more than a hundred short stories in multiple genres, including the first seven Uncollected Anthology anthologies and the forthcoming urban fantasy novel _Ghosted_. She is a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology project. A recent transplant to the wild greenscapes of the Pacific Northwest, in her spare time she follows Styx around the country and travels the world, which inspires her writing. To find out where she is today and to sign up for her newsletter (and get free fiction!), check out  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Finders, Inc. Series Book 1

cover-4Sometimes those who can’t be found just might not be lost…

As the co-founders of Finders, Inc., Hank Johnson and Bim Mayer have spent the past two decades successfully solving mysteries and — almost miraculously, thanks to Bim’s special skills — finding missing people in and around the remote mountain town of Boone, North Carolina.

Until now.

Their most recent case deals with an outbreak of missing elderly people, all of whom used to teach at nearby Appalachian State University. With the help of their Finders, Inc. teammates, they soon learn that the absent old folks all have something else in common. They’re all connected to a shady character with deep, dark ties to both Bim and Hank.

The events of those chaotic three days in late winter will test the friendship of the two men as they—and all the other members of the “Finder Team”—risk their lives to solve this mystery and find a group of people who just might not want to be found.

The first book in an all-new mystery series with hints of the paranormal!  This book can be found in The Winter Mysteries Bundle at


Michael Jasper is fascinated with exploring the places where the normal meets the strange.

In pursuit of this fascination, he has published over a dozen novels, a story collection, and six dozen short stories, along with a digital comic with artist Niki Smith.

In the past he’s tried bartending, teaching junior high, painting houses, being a secret shopper, working construction, and many more jobs; he prefers fiction writing. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his family.

You can find out more about Michael Jasper at , on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.

The Bee-Keeper’s Daughter

cover-3A ghostly swarm of bees haunt Elizabeth. They coat strangers in pollen while holding her still, making her watch.

Then they come for her. Sting her. Give her magical power, but at such a cost.

Why do they attack her? What do they want? And how can she make them go away?

Set in the same world as “The Midnight Gardener” and “Lost Stars”.

Part of the Uncollected Anthology series, written for the theme, “Bewitching Love,” a new bundle available only at


Leah Cutter writes page-turning fiction in exotic locations, such as a magical New Orleans, the ancient Orient, Hungary, the Oregon coast, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, and many others. She writes literary, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror fiction. Her short fiction has been published in magazines like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Talebones, anthologies like Fiction River, and on the web. Her long fiction has been published both by New York publishers as well as small presses. Read more books by Leah Cutter at Follow her blog at

Salt: A Short Story

coverJasper just wanted the ghosts to leave him alone.
That wasn’t going to happen.

Author T. Thorn Coyle 

Our new bundle ‘Fantasy in the City’ begins with author T. Thorn Coyle and her short story, Salt.  Coyle lives in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys the walking the city and writing in local eateries.  When not writing she visits with squirrels, birds and trees.

The authors works

T. Thorn Coyle is the author of such works as the novel, ‘Like Water’ and the story collection, ‘Alighting on His Shoulders’.  She is also the author of several non-fiction titles such as, ‘Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists, & Other Creatives’, ‘Make Magic of Your Life’, ‘Evolutionary Witchcraft’, and ‘Kissing the Limitless’.  Her work also appears in other anthologies and magazines.

More about the author

T. Thorn Coyle is active on Facebook and Twitter plus her website plus her website besides being found at  Please learn more about the author and her work at these sites and enjoy her short story ‘Salt’ in the ‘Fantasy in the City’ bundle.

The Changeling Troll: A Novel

cover-2Piles of books line the floor of Christine’s living room, threaten to take over every surface in her apartment. Christine escapes into her stories every chance she gets. Because magic only happens in fairy tales. Right?

After losing a bet with her brother, Christine forces herself to leave the sanctuary of her apartment and go to a real bar. Listen to a live band. Maybe dance.

She hates all of it with a passion—the noise, the music, the people. Then the impossible happens. She meets her identical twin.

“The Changeling Troll”—the first novel in a new-adult, urban fantasy trilogy—turns the ugly duckling story on its head in this enchanting, whimsical tale.

Author Leah Cutter

Leah Cutter is the accomplished author of novels and short fiction.  She has been published by large publishers in New York, as well as smaller, more independent houses.  Her work has been published in such magazines as Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Tailbones plus the Fiction River anthologies.  Her works can also be found on the web.

Her Genres

Ms. Cutter enjoys writing mystery, literary, fantasy, sci-fi and horror fiction and uses unique locales such as New Orleans, the Oregon coast, the Orient, Hungary and both the urban and rural settings for her fiction.

Where she can be found

Leah Cutters novel ‘The Changeling Troll’ can be found at  Her other work appears and you can follow her blog at


A Winston and Ruby Story: The Fabulous Familiars

un-familiar-cover-thumbWinston’s familiar Ruby, a small black cat, avoids dogs whenever possible. So when Winston finds her in cahoots with a toy poodle-Chihuahua mix, he wants to know why.

Ruby, usually so vocal, says nothing. Her silence, that dog, and a storm in the Oregon Coast community of Seavy Village all combine into one of the most memorable days of Winston’s life.


Our next author is New York Times bestseller, Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Ms. Rusch  is a multi-faceted author who writes in nearly every genre.  She usually writes under her real name (Rusch) and has published best-selling, award-winning works in science fiction, fantasy and mystery.  RT Book Reviews describes her as ‘a great storyteller’ and she has twenty-five plus awards for her fiction to prove it, including such awards as, Hugo, Asimov’s Readers Choice and Ellery Queen Readers Choice.

Kristine  writes bestselling mystery novels as Kris Nelscott, for which she has won several awards.  She has also authored romance under the nom de plumes of Kristine Grayson and Kristine Dexter and sci-fi under the name Kris DeLake.

Besides being a very busy writer, Ms. Rusch is also an editor.  She started her publishing career at Pulphouse, then moved on to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction before taking fifteen years off.  She is back to editing the anthology series Fiction River with her husband, author Dean Wesley Smith.

You can find this very busy author at, plus her many aliases at http:/www./,  http://www.kristinegrayson.com and


Aunt Fabulous and the Talking Tattoo: A Short Story

aunt-fabulous-talking-tattoo-cover-thumbAuthor Valerie Brook learned to use her imagination when, one night,  fate seemingly took out her parents television which wasn’t fixed for five years.  In those five years young Valerie’s mother read to her every night and filled her head with fantastical visions of other worlds, people and creatures that would blossom into a writing career.

Ms. Brook and her family live in Portland, Oregon with as she puts it “well-loved pets” and when she’s not in writer mode she enjoys painting, motorcycle riding and dreaming about living on a farm.

Valerie has written a number of short stories and collections plus some longer fiction and has works appearing in the Fiction River Anthologies and The Fabulous Familiars Anthology at BundleRabbit.

You can find out more about Valerie Brook, her writing and her blog at

Please enjoy an excerpt from ‘Aunt Fabulous and the Talking Tattoo’:

Magnificent Maggie Fontaine has been around the mysteries of magic all her life. But when she wakes up with an underage hangover and a talking press-on priestess tattoo on her arm, all Mag wants is for both things to go away. When Aunt Fabulous turns out to have vanished overnight and it’s up to Mag to find her guardian, will the strange talking tattoo be a help or a hindrance?

Find the whole story and many others at

The Mouse Who Laughed: Fabulous Familiars Short Story

mouse-who-laughed-cover-thumbMulti-talented Leah Cutter is the next author in The Fabulous Familiars Anthology with her short story ‘The Mouse Who Laughed’.  Leah writes short stories, long fiction, essays and poems and explores multiple genres such as horror, sci-fi, mystery and fantasy.

She also teaches authors and those who want to self-publish the tricks of the trade and how to make their print books and ebooks look great inside and out with covers and interiors.  You can find out about her workshops plus her stories and books at her website

Besides being an accomplished author and a teacher Ms. Cutter is also a guest editor for the Fiction River anthology series of which she has had short stories published.   Her work also appears in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery magazine, Tailbones, as well as on the web.

Here is an excerpt from her Fabulous Familiars short story ‘The Mouse Who Laughed’:

As a familiar, Ina expected to bond happily ever after with a single master or mistress.

Not two.

And certainly not three.

But when her current Master turns on her, attacks her, she breaks the bond and flees for her life.

What’s a poor mouse to do?

If you need a pick-me-up, “The Mouse Who Laughed” fits the bill nicely as a warm fantasy about learning to stand on your own two (or four) feet.

Fabulous Familiars Story: ‘In the Matter of Snake vs. Stone’


matter-snake-vs-stone-cover-thumbCourtroom Thriller With a Supernatural Kick

Something wicked walks in Buffalo…

Rikki Pollard, a divorce lawyer for the down and out in gritty Buffalo, NY, makes a living out of rendering asunder what the Lord had brought together. Despite her unholy trade, Rikki never expected to encounter Old Scratch himself in open court.

But now she has to rescue her young client, Chance Stone, from a fate worse than death. It’s Rikki vs. damnation in a courtroom custody case like no other. To save Chance, she will have to outwit the devil himself, with only a little voodoo-related backup. A supernatural courtroom adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Meet Author Michele Lang

Michelle Lang writes a variety of genres including, fantasy, crime, sci-fi, romance and even non-fiction.  DAW, PM Press and WMG Press published her short fiction and Tor Books published Michele’s Lady Lazarus World War II historical fantasy series.  Ms. Lang refers to herself as a ‘recovering lawyer’ who has practiced law in both New York and Connecticut.  She lives on the North Shore of Long Island in a small town with her husband, sons, and as she says “a rotating menagerie” of cats, hermit crabs and butterflies.

You can find more information on Michele and her new releases, announcements, updates and much, much more at her website