Christmas Whispers: A Short Story of Whisper


Christmas Whispers Short Story

Time passes slowly when you’re an earth spirit and no one lives on the land. It’s Christmas in Whisper and Anna Barringer wants a doll. The settlement is new and no one can be spared to go to the city and shop with what little coin they have.

They aren’t even going to have a tree because the house is too small. Anna gathers berries and pinecones and with the help of the earth spirit that resides on Whisper decorates her own, outside.

The earth spirit has her own ideas about gifts and humans as she struggles to find a way to make the little girl happy.

Christmas Whispers is a short story of Whisper, although it takes place long before the series begins.

Author Spotlight:  Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth, author of the ‘Whisper’ series, is the third author in the Bundlerabbit author spotlight.  She is an accomplished writer who began writing at the rather impressive age of eight and led an interesting life.

On her way to being an author, Bonnie worked various jobs such as vet assistant, library assistant, cemetery administrator and acupuncturist.  She has written books on acupuncture and blogs for her cat Chey.  She now primarily writes fantasy and urban fantasy with her ‘Whisper’ series and short stories.

You can find this story at in the Very Merry Christmas Bundle and learn more about Bonnie Elizabeth at

Worth: A Christmas Short Story

worth-cover-thumbA looming job loss sends Dee into cost-cutting mode during the Christmas holidays while her husband is seemingly taking the opposite approach. Can they agree to the worth of holiday traditions during this stressful time?

In this holiday short story, for the Very Merry Christmas Bundle, available now at, Irette Y. Patterson continues the theme of happy, hopeful stories about families, a subject she writes most about.  Her work appeared in Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds and Fiction River:  Fantasy Adrift short story anthologies.  She also published on the Saturday Evening Post website.  A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she can be found at


North Pole Panic (A Christmas Story)


On Christmas Eve, after Santa departs for his rounds, Christmas Elf Giljagaur tidies his workspace, dreaming of relaxation, until fellow Elf Kertasnikir bursts in with the worst of news: Santa forgot one present!

Now Gil and Kurt must find a way to return the present to Santa for delivery, or Christmas will be ruined!

So begins, author Rebecca Senese’s thrilling Christmas tale from the new ‘Very Merry Christmas Bundle’ available at  Rebecca Senese writes horror, sci-fi, mystery/crime author from Toronto, Canada, who has many Aurora Awards nominations and received an Honorable Mention in ‘The Years Best Fiction’.  Her work has appeared in several publications including multiple Fiction River editions, Deadbolt Magazine, The Vampires Crypt, Storyteller, Reflections Edge and many others.






The Teen Super Heroes Bundle

Are you a teen?

Did you used to be a teen?

Are you going to be a teen soon?

Then you know that teenagers are already the most powerful force in the known universe. Which makes teenagers with superpowers pretty much unstoppable!

The Teen Super Heroes Bundle is available until June 6th.

In this collection of stories featuring super teens, you’ll meet:

  • Danny and Breyona, caught in the middle of a war between two alien races.
  • Conner, Almira, Ricky and Flower, who release an army of Grim Reapers into the world.
  • Riley Jamison, who can change the future with his thoughts.
  • Kyle, who discovers his family’s horrific and violent secret.
  • Blue, who hates zombies because, among other reasons, they have scared all the hot girls away.
  • Young Jin, who suddenly finds himself transported to the desert world of Darha.
  • Rick, who woke up in the hospital reading the thoughts of everyone around him.
  • Kelley Strickland and her twin brother Jeroan, who accidentally step into an ancient battle between two sorcerers.
  • Claire Murray, who inherits a dragon and discovers she’s a faery princess.
  • Garrick, a mage’s apprentice, soon to be a full-fledged sorcerer.
  • Lucy Daz, a teenage orphan carving out a busker’s life on Damyadi Space Station.
  • Spitball, a third-string hero today, determined to be first-string tomorrow.

From authors as diverse as Stefon Mears, Mario Milosevic, Carl S. Plumer, Shantnu Tiwari, J.D. Brink, and Sherry D. Ramsey; in genres covering Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the Paranormal, you’ll enjoy tales of wonder, adventure, and excitement — all featuring fearless teenagers of high school and college age.

Enjoy some of the best books featuring teens by some of the best, new authors writing today. All at a super deal.

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A Great Science Fiction Deal

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Here’s a list of the 10 books you receive in this bundle:

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Callisto by Rob Lopez

Callisto is part of The Science Fiction Mayday Bundle, available May 1st through May 14th.


Today’s Spotlight is on Callisto by Rob Lopez.

The colonies on Callisto lie in ruins, the survivors living in fear of the militias who have taken over. Refugees hide in underground shelters, struggling to cope as supplies run low. Their only hope lies with the negotiations taking place in the shattered city of Cielo, where envoys from Earth are trying to bring an end to the disastrous civil war. There is only one problem, and his name is Shakespeare Cruz.

Shakespeare is one of the refugees, and he’s been on the run for seven years. The part he played in the conflict remains a mystery, and he won’t talk about it. He only hopes that certain people have forgotten about him, so he can raise his daughter in peace.

But somebody is coming for him, somebody who remembers exactly what he did, and he’s going to make him pay with more than just his life. Shakespeare’s secret past is about to be blown open and a titanic struggle will begin that could decide the fate of the moon. Or kill the one he loves. Only one thing is certain…

By the time it’s over, a lot of people are going to wish he’d never existed.

About Rob Lopez

Rob Lopez is a British author who hasn’t died yet. A perpetual daydreamer, he’s been a factory mechanic, a teaching assistant and a cleaner, plus a whole bunch of other jobs too dull to mention. He always wanted to write a novel, and now he’s written several, including the fast paced and hard hitting Alien Infiltrators series. He writes mostly dystopian science fiction and post-apocalyptic horror, with an emphasis on dark humour, action, love and death. He’s not nearly as miserable as that makes him sound, and he’s quite partial to relaxing by the sea and watching seagulls soar as he dreams up his next story.

Discover more about Rob at

See Rob’s blog post about this bundle here.


The Chills, Thrills, and Spills Bundle

Chills, Thrills
This bundle has $62 worth of fantastic fiction for a price you choose.

The Chills, Thrills, and Spills Bundle

Novels, novellas and short stories guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable, create that sense of ‘something-isn’t-right-here’ or just plain scare you. The ‘Chills, Thrills and Spills’ bundle covers horror, thrillers and fantasy and is sure to keep you awake at night. What more do want from a good book? Well, here – for a price you choose – you can have a dozen.

The 12 Stories in this bundle …

David Sloma’sBoi meets Grl - Chills, Thrills Boi Meets Grl: A Vampire Story is a story about a centuries old, lovesick vampire.

When Count Wildheim discovers he’s lost the necklace of his long dead lover, he wants it back at any cost and sends his vampires on a killing rampage to retrieve it.

Rebecca M. Senese’sChills, Thrills - A Reluctance of Blood A Reluctance of Blood is a story about a college student whose life is turned upside down by a vampire attack.

Sebastian is not a full vampire yet. Stuck between vampire and human, he struggles to stop the horror from taking over.

Can he ever be human again?

Hungry GodsJ. D. Brink’s Hungry Gods is a spandex adventure for adults. Imagine the Avengers and Watchmen meets The Walking Dead and Pulp Fiction.

Superheroes. The Undead. ‘Nuf said.

Chills, Thrills - Confessions of a Professional PsychopathEric Stringer’s Confessions of a Professional Psychopath is a fast-paced story exploring a skewed human mind.

Psychopath Charles Claymore Task provides details of his life to a film crew, showing how he was molded into becoming a freelance hit artist.

Family PackMichael Jasper’s Family Pack is a paranormal mystery about fatherhood, responsibility, and taking control of your own life, one full moon at a time.

Some family curses really should be passed on…

The Wilkes House HauntingLisa Maliga’s The Wilkes House Haunting is part horror, part psychological thriller.

Curtis Angeles moves from suburban Chicago to a rural Florida town in search of peace, quiet and privacy. Instead, he almost loses his life uncovering some deadly deceptions…

The Young Vampire's Survival GuideLucy Eldritch’s The Young Vampire’s Survival Guide is the first book in the ‘New Breed Vampires’ book series.

Student Robert James never asked to be bitten. He didn’t want to be the leader of a new breed of vampires. Thing is: he wasn’t offered a choice.

Chimerascope - Chills Thrills bundleMulti-award winning Douglas Smith’s Chimerascope is a collection of sixteen of his best stories, including an Aurora Award winner, a Best New Horror selection, and eight Aurora finalists.

Stories of fantasy and science fiction that take you from love in fourteenth-century Japan to humanity’s last stand, from virtual reality to the end of reality, from alien drug addictions to a dinner where a man loses everything.

Pact of the BansheeChuck Heintzelman’s Pact of the Banshee is a quick-paced tale. When the Banshee returns to the village woods and terrifies the villagers with its nightly screams, the cycle of murders start again.

Young Sean Collins sets out to find and destroy the menace. But will he succeed when his friends and family turn against him?

Heaven Painted as a Poker ChipUSA Today Bestselling Dean Wesley Smith’s Heaven Painted as a Poker Chip asks a simple question: What happens if ghosts can fight crime and bad guys?

Just fifteen minutes after Dr. Jewel Kelly meets Deputy Sheriff Tommy Ralston, they both die.

The strangest crime-fighting ghost duo ever. And the sexiest.

Campus ChillsCampus Chills contains thirteen tales of terror edited by Mark Leslie.

Featuring stories by Kelley Armstrong, Julie E. Czerneda, Kimberly Foottit, James Alan Gardner, Sephera Giron, Michael Kelly, Nancy Kilpatrick, Susie Moloney, Douglas Smith, Brit Trogen, Edo van Belkom, Steve Vernon and Carol Weekes.

The Patron Saint of NecromancersStefon Mears’s The Patron Saint of Necromancers is an urban fantasy novel where Hoodoo and Vodou join obscure Eastern magic and wild Western practices in a gumbo that could only be brewed in Portland, Oregon.

Conjure man Heath Cyr plies his gris-gris in the streets of Portland, Oregon, a modern-day nexus for wizards, witches, and stranger things.

Indulge yourself in the Chills, Thrills and Spills bundle and, while you may not sleep tonight, you’ll enjoy every delicious, spine-shivering moment.

The Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle

The Zombies and Monsters and Gods BundleI’m pleased to announce our second ebook bundle …

The Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle

It’s a perfect bundle for those who love zombies, monsters, gods, superheroes, and all things supernatural. Some of the books have serious themes, some are sardonic, and some make fun of the genre. All of them are action packed and fast moving.

Stories in this bundle

I Hate Zombies CoverShantnu Tiwari‘s I Hate Zombies is a story about, of course, zombies.

My name is Blue, and I hate zombies. No really. For one, they killed my friends. Then they kidnapped my mother. And they scare all the hot girls away …

Hungry GodsJ. D. Brink‘s Hungry Gods is a spandex adventure for adults. Imagine the Avengers and Watchmen meets The Walking Dead and Pulp Fiction.

Superheroes. The Undead. ‘Nuf said.

The Wolf at the End of the WorldDouglas Smith‘s The Wolf at the End of the World is a story about a shapeshifter who battles ancient spirits, a covert government agency, and his own dark past.

It’s a race to solve a murder that could mean the end of the world.

Dragons in PiecesLee French‘s Dragons in Pieces is another superhero tale.

Real superheroes wear denim. Bobby would never believe superheroes were real if he wasn’t one himself.

AfterburnKaren L. Abrahamson‘s Afterburn is a gritty adventure set in the rainy Seattle streets.

Vallon Drake, secret agent of the American Geological Survey, finds her latest partner entombed in the wall of a parking garage that didn’t exist just a few hours earlier …

The Bureau of Substandards Annual ReportSabrina Chase‘s The Bureau of Substandards Annual Report is an amazing tale of bureaucratic adventure and derring-do.

Hidden behind protective layers of government red tape, the Bureau of Substandards fights the good fight against interdimensional snake people, “helpful” allies, busybodies from Atlantis, the annual budget report, and, most dangerous of all…the HR department.

Glamour of the God TouchedRon Collin‘s Glamour of the God-Touched is a story with depth about magic and death and destiny.

A mage’s apprentice. Sorcerers on the hunt. Unnatural magic of devastating power.

My girlfriend the zombieRebecca M. Senese‘s My Girlfriend, The Zombie is a zombie romance.

Love means never having to admit you’re dead.

Caught between monstersStefon Mears‘s Caught Between Monsters is an exciting dark urban fantasy novel where magic causes more problems than it solves.

Monsters hide among the suburbs. Roland McReedy knows because he works for one, under duress.

The Raven and the Dancing TigerLeah Cutter‘s The Raven and the Dancing Tiger is a contemporary fantasy taking place around the city of Seattle.

Peter is of an ancient race known for their assassination and fighting skills. When Peter meets Tamara, he knows she’s different.

But he doesn’t know her kind are only interested in killing his kind.

Be sure to check this bundle out at


The Middlings Sampler Ebook Bundle

Our first ebook bundle is live … check it out at

This Ebook Bundle focuses on Middles

Most of stories in this bundle are of a middling length–longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel.

The stories here are often in the middle of a larger series. Like part 1.5 fitting between the first and second book of a series. Yet, they all can be read stand alone.

And there’s multiple genres … science fiction, fantasy, YA, romance, and even superheroes.

Some of the stories are new, first published in this bundle, and others have been around for a while.

About the Stories and Authors

changeling-tinyAnthea Sharp‘s How to Babysit a Changeling is a YA Urban Fantasy merging the worlds of the fey and computer games.

It takes place in her award-winning Feyland series.

Forever Falls in the ebook bundleMichael Warren Lucas‘s Forever Falls is hard science fiction set in the Montague universe.

It’s a bottomless universe full of impossibilities.

As NeededMichael A Stackpole‘s As Needed is a pulse-pounding fantasy thriller.

Assassins and Magick.

Heaven Painted as a Cop Car in this ebook bundleDean Wesley Smith‘s Heaven Painted as a Cop Car is a romantic superhero ghost story.

It takes places in his Poker Boy universe.

siren-tinyBlaze Ward‘s Siren is a science fiction thriller about Vo Arlo, one of the marines on the Republic of Aquitaine’s Auberon.

It takes place in the Alexandria Station universe.

Fly Me to the MoonMindy Klasky‘s Fly Me to the Moon is a romance that takes place in her bestselling Harmony Springs universe.

Lexi has physical scars and Finn has emotional scars. Can they heal each other?

Walking GodsLeah Cutter‘s Walking Gods is a fantasy involving gods and vengeance.

“I am a seamstress, I am.”

possession-tinyKristine Kathryn Rusch‘s The Possession of Paavo Deshin is a science fiction mystery involving ghosts.

It takes place in her award-winning Retrieval Artist series.

Ebook Waiting to FlySherry D. Ramsey‘s Waiting to Fly is a YA science fiction story.

It’s about a teenage orphan on a space station, saving up credits for passage to one of the new colony worlds.

old-man-tinyDaniel Keys Moran‘s Old Man is a science fiction story that asks hard questions.

A father and son end up the same age. For a while …


When you purchase the bundle you can unlock it to receive two additional free ebooks directly from Kobo.

So check it out at

Walking Gods by Leah Cutter

The Middlings Sampler Bundle is available from April 5th to April 26th.

Walking GodsToday’s spotlight is on Walking Gods by Leah Cutter.

Leah’s novella Walking Gods is part of the Middlings Sampler Bundle. Leah is also the curator of the bundle.

About Walking Gods

“I am a seamstress, I am.”

She is the one who stitches the kingdom together, creates hidden valleys for the magical to find and harsh peaks for fools to throw themselves against.

How she chooses her stitches is up to her.

What happens when a God weaves together her land out of vengeance?

Continue reading Walking Gods by Leah Cutter